19 Nov

Excellent Ds dynamic

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When I read this week´s prompt a lot of things popped in my heads. There are some things I have already confessed to, on here. Other things I don´t plan on confessing. So it seemed like I have nothing to write about. Until I had a different idea.

As some of you might have read on Twitter, Sir is playing the lottery. And last week I got to choose the numbers. Six numbers between 1 and 49. The drawing of the numbers happens on Wednesday night and Saturday night. He told me that for every number I don´t get right, I will get a day without orgasm. So I prepared myself for 12 days without cumming. Luckily it turned out to be only ten days.
But because my Sir is a wonderful man, he decided that going for so long without any sexual in my life would be too harsh…

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When I am tired, I reminisce

18 Nov

Beautifully written as always – that special place a Dom creates for his sub and a Daddy creates for his little girl to escape to and find her peace in. One of the central tenants of Ds as two halves become one beautiful whole. Thank you Mari for showing us this.

A reminder

18 Nov


8 Nov

Beautiful and evocative and perfect

Sub or slave?

2 Nov

Thoughtful and insightful words

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A couple of nights ago I was chatting with the Captain and said something that was a bit sassy. He pointed out that what I said and my tone weren´t right for a slave. To which I replied that I have never been a slave, but a sub(missive). So I was told to write about what the difference between those two is and also on the topic:”Why do I want to be a slave to my Sir?” First thing I did was to ask around on Twitter and I also googled “sub vs. slave”, which led me to several blog post of a lot of people. Masters and Doms as well as submissives and slaves. To be honest, I wasn´t to happy with what I found. A lot of the time people pointed out that only one of those things is right and the other one isn´t. As a definition…

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The Fluid Dynamic between Sub and Dom

2 Nov

The Fluid Dynamic between Sub and Dom.

just beautiful sentiments

Lessons in submission to remember

19 Oct

Lessons in submission to remember.